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Rambling Randomness

*The Following*

I just watched another brilliant episode of The Following. I still don't understand why I can't seem to convince my friends to watch it (despite my best efforts). It's just *SO* good. It's brilliantly written, has a ton of twists and turns, and the actors are all amazing.

If you haven't really heard much about the show, you may have heard of it as "that new show with Kevin Bacon in it", which really shouldn't be your reason to watch (or not watch) this show. The story revolves around a psychopath with a cult following helping him torment the protagonist (Bacon), and it's quite complicated to explain much more of it without spoiling too much. If you think you might be interested, have a look at a few teaser trailers, and at least give the pilot episode a shot. The show is still in its first season, and they're at episode 11 (which I haven't watched yet).


I've always been interested in scents in one form or another (it used to be incense, scented candles, and essential oils), but lately, I've been interested in finding a better quality/longer lasting version of my signature scent, which is Activist by The Body Shop (a beautiful comforting scent reminiscent of a root beer float). I've been watching many men's fragrance reviews on YouTube, and getting a feel for what's out there. Until recently, I had no idea that high-end fragrances could fetch as much as 500$ for a bottle (or even more than that, if you can believe it). Most designer fragrances (Dior, Chanel, D&G, YSL, and others) however, are closer to 60-100$, which seems to be the average price for a quality fragrance. Obviously since I'm so BROKE I can't go and purchase any of these, but that hasn't stopped me from sampling dozens of department store fragrances over the past few months, and there are many really beautiful fragrances out there. Currently there are 3 that I plan to buy once I have some money I can play around with.

*Procrastination & Lack of Motivation*

I seem to be stuck in this grey area. There are dozens of projects that I want to work on, and a few priority ones that I really NEED to work on, but I've been finding it difficult to get off my ass and actually do any of them. It probably goes back to the unemployed aspect of my current daily life (which seems to make me feel like I'm lacking any purpose, but not in a "no reason to live" sort of way), so I've just been wasting the hours away on the internet.

These days my daily routine seems to have become:
- Wake up around 10-11am.
- Get dressed, make a cup of coffee, and catch up on my Google Reader subscriptions (old house reno blogs mainly).
- Check other blogs.
- Possibly do 1hr of something vaguely productive: laundry, sweeping, dishes...
- Make supper.
- Watch hours of YouTube videos.
- Shower.
- Maybe watch a current TV series episode.
- Brush my teeth and go to bed (around 2am).


I don't tend to leave the house much. It seems rather pointless to go shopping if I can't/shouldn't spend on anything. Likewise, I've been managing on as few groceries as possible to save money (and also to clear out pantry stuff that I haven't previously used in years).

So yeah. Bored, but with many projects I should be working on, and no huge desire to work on them.

I guess some people might classify this as a depression, but I don't really FEEL bad, or depressed. I still see my friends weekly (and have fun), and every few days I'll get myself to work on SOMETHING. Like today, I worked a bit on the drywall in the living room: more sanding/scraping, more mud, and I finally reconnected that last electrical outlet so that I could turn the power back on in the room, which has been "off" for a few *months*.
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