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So Many Homos - I Threw My Back Out Again - & Roadwork

There seems to have been a torrent of YouTube "Coming Out" videos lately, several of which have been by high-profile content creators. One of the most shocking to see was Shane Dawson's latest video, where he explains his struggles with bisexuality. It's a truly honest and raw coming out story, and in it he explains how it would be so much easier to simply just be gay, or straight, rather than "somewhere in between".

The Shane Dawson video (which came out just yesterday) comes not long after Joey Graceffa's coming out video. Fans (myself included) were probably not too shocked about this, due to Joey's rather... flamboyant(?) personality, but it was a long time coming.

The list seems to be growing, as more and more young YouTubers keep uploading their "coming out" videos. Not long ago there was Ingrid who came out, and just today another (not well known) YouTuber that I just started watching a few weeks ago (who is cute as hell) just posted a "oh btw I'm gay" video on his channel. His video is much more casual, since he's been out to friends and family for years, but I was still thrilled to see it (did I mention he's cute?)


In other news, I threw out my back again.

I'm finally back to work again on a few projects, and while I was working on a small sofa/settee yesterday I pulled something. It wasn't too bad, so I kept working, and I was alright. I was still a bit sore, but not too bad this morning, so I went back in to work on a few other small projects, and something pulled again, and then I could barely move anymore.


My boss has strongly suggest I visit a chiropractor, and I think I'll take that advice. He suggested his chiropractor, and apparently he's very good (and not too far). I'll be going this afternoon (he doesn't open until 1pm today), and we'll see how it goes.


Roadwork on my street/intersection continues. They are redoing all the sewer and water lines, and the whole street is a mess. They were connecting the lines into the other intersection last night, and we were told we'd have no water between 7pm last night, to 7am this morning. They were working ALL NIGHT with big (LOUD) machinery, and giant flood lights pointing towards my house.

Lucky for me I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, and I didn't have much trouble falling asleep. I feel really bad for any light sleepers in the area of the next block or so, because there's no way they got any sleep last night.

The worst however, is they're not even done yet, and we still don't have water! It's past 11am! I have SOME water on hand, but not much. Do you have any idea how inconvenient it is to wash your hands with water out of a bucket? To brush your teeth? To do dishes? I also can't shower, and there's no way I can manage a sponge bath with my back in so much pain.

Hopefully they'll have the water back on soon, because this is ridiculous.
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