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First Chiropractic Visit

Well that was a very interesting (and expensive) visit.

I just got back from (is it odd to say"my") chiropractor. He explained the problem (it has a very forgettable medical term). Basically, one of the vertebra in the spine moved out of alignment, which then causes muscles around the area to tense (and hurt).

The consultation was maybe 5 minutes, and then he brought me into the next room (which was gorgeous, BTW since this place is in a gorgeous old Victorian house) where he has me lay down on the table (face down). Next he used some kind of "vibro-massager" which left me feeling combinations of relief, pain, and tickling sensations. After this, he did a few other pops and adjustments, had me on my side, and oddly contorted, and did some more hip and spine adjustments, and that was it. Strand up, walk around.

I'm still a bit sore, but I don't have the same kind of pains, I think it's mostly the already aggravated muscles. He wants me back in tomorrow.

So yeah, very quick and simple visit. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. First visit: 115$. Subsequent visits at 40$ (I believe). Normally this wouldn't really be too much of an expense for me, but since I'm just NOW heading back into work after nearly 7 months w/o work, it really hurts the wallet.

Also, it turns out Dr. Chris is kinda hot. He has short light blonde hair, blue eyes, I'd say he's roughly 40 (but I suck at guessing ages - at least a few years older than me).
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