Sooth (sooth) wrote,

Unusual Gift

Dad stopped by the other night. I hadn't seen him in a while, and he decided to stop by after work. He also brought me a gift (for no particular occasion). He got me an Admiral Fitzroy Storm Glass (or weather glass). I knew what it was, because I've seen mini versions on antique gingerbread clocks - although they are usually broken. This one, however, is a much larger version. It's a clear glass phial about 8" tall (with a stand) and it contains a unique blend of chemicals (including camphor, alcohol, ammonium chloride, & potassium nitrate). The main liquid is clear, and there are floating white crystals in the solution (usually mostly settled in the base). Depending on the weather, these crystals will form different patterns.

It's actually really beautiful to watch the formation of crystals within the liquid. The ones currently in the glass are large flaky snow-like crystals (the kind you'd see on frosted-over bus windows as a kid). These crystals started forming after it settled, and they correctly indicated that snow was coming (it snowed last night).

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That's actually pretty cool!
Never seen that before, looks cool!