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For those of you who have no interest in following my house blog, I've been working (for the past month) on a large cherry bookcase. It's actually more of a "recycling" project, since all the pieces were going to be chucked into the fire pit (literally).

Basically, these large panels and doors were from a HUGE MONSTER entertainment armoire. This was just the top part, too. Basically, the owners wanted the whole thing chopped down to about a foot and a half high with a different door setup, so we had to rebuild it from scratch.

Before scrapping the old cabinet, we had the typical "does anyone want this" before we chop it up. I decided to take it home, but since it was so freakin' enormous (4 feet wide, almost 5 feet high, and over 2 feet deep) I had to chop it down into manageable pieces.

It's getting closer to finished, but I still have several bits left to do: door fretwork, cut shelves, route backboards, a bead moulding to mill/install, and the back panel(s) for the upper section.

You can see all the related threads and photos here:

The new 2 tier bookcase measures in at 90" high, with the base being 47" wide (top) and exactly 60" tall (5 feet).
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